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About Me

Xin chào! Bonjour!

Thanks for coming to learn more about me!

My name is Jeremy Ginsburg.

I'm a language expert, traveler, and a performer. 

I speak 5 languages.

I play guitar, piano, and drums. I also sing and rap. I love yoga. I make videos. I also love to play basketball. 

Growing up, I always struggled to "focus". 

I was diagnosed with "ADD" as a child. Once I stopped taking my "ADD medication", I've learned to channel my creativity.

Now, my dreams are pretty big...

I want to write books, produce films, records musical albums, write musicals, and more. 

A lot of people have told me I can't do all of these. They said I had to "focus" if I wanted to get anything done. 

Well, I'm on a mission to prove them wrong and create my own reality. 

I'm currently a "VietNomad", learning Vietnamese and living in Vietnam since December 2013.

Since then, I've become pretty good in Vietnamese. In fact, I've been on several Vietnamese TV shows, including a reality show that lasted 25 days. I have my own TV show as well. 

I've also taught myself guitar, videography, and built up a freelancing business online. 

I make money performing guitar all around Vietnam. And I make money online as a video editor and a writer.

I have four streams of income...all because I never was able to "focus"....

And it's amazing.

So amazing, that I want to help you do the same. Sign up to my newsletter as I share insights and stories on how creativity, entrepreneurship, and self-development. 

Feel free to browse around the site and let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or if you just wanna say hello!


Jeremy Ginsburg