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Celebrate the Past, but Keep Moving Forward

Jeremy Ginsburg

One year ago, still vulnerable and scared of falling into the same depression I encountered summer before, I moved to Vietnam to teach English.


After 3 months of teaching, I quit my job. Since then, I have been earning an income as a musician and a freelance videographer.

I don’t have a consistent income, and this often makes me anxious. I love the work I do, but I don’t make very much money.

Because of my unpredictable income, I tend to often worry about my future. Will I run out of money? Will I ever be able to afford a more comfortable lifestyle?

I believe it is important to occasionally reflect on the past and count your mini victories.

Looking back, I’ve made a lot of progress in my personal goals in the past year:

-I’ve produced 11 YouTube videos on my personal channel

-I’ve completely cut out adderol and alcohol

-I’ve performed comedy in front of 150 people (and barely got any laughs, lol)

-I’ve composed 14 original songs in English and 4 songs in Vietnamese

-I’ve successfully not gotten a haircut

-I’ve built my own website

-I’ve performed 74 shows in 6 cities and 4 countries

-I’ve spent 25 days on a Vietnamese reality TV show without  any contact with another native English speaker

I’m still living month-to-month on a very low budget (around $800 USD). I’m still not sure how much money I’ll make next month. I’m still anxious of what’s to come. And despite these accomplishments, I’m still scared.

But, I’m still moving forward, because being scared doesn’t get you anywhere.

Keep moving forward.

I know it can get scary when you don’t know exactly where you are going. So, remember the importance of looking back and realizing how far you’ve come. But, then, keep moving forward.