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You have all the answers

You already know all the answers you’re seeking. In fact, you know the truth better than anyone else. Maybe you just haven't learned how to tap into it yet. Can you trust yourself to really listen?

I believe that inside of each and every one of us, there is an abundance of wisdom, love, and creativity. It's our ego, fears, and negative habits that prevent these powerful energies to come through. Through many tools and exercises, I have learned how to tap into the infinite energy inside of me pretty much at will, and I'd love to help you do the same. 

“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely” - Karen Kraiser

Whatever challenge life throws at us, we always have a choice. We can grow or we can stay small.

My name is Jeremy Ginsburg and I've been on a crazy healing/spiritual journey since late 2015. 
After no doctor or healer could tell me why I was waking up with severe headaches every day, I began questioning many aspects of life. After looking inward and asking myself this question, "Who am I?" I've realized that....well, I have no idea who I am. I just am! But, I know that for now, I want to be of service to others. 

After working with me, you'll be a completely different person. Imagine what your business and life would be like without that addiction, without that pain-in-the-ass employee/client, or without that horrible habit that keeps you in a downward spiral. 


What Others are saying

"Jeremy has a unique ability to penetrate through subconscious defenses and get to a person's true issues. He opened new opportunities for my own self-discovery and I'm better for it. I'd highly recommend Jeremy for life/business coaching” 

- @AlecHess, serial entrepreneur, and owner of multiple 7-figure businesses

“Coaching is not something I take lightly. My time with Jeremy flew by and it reminded me to continue to focus on my own healing path and journey. With the world being so fast-paced, I get caught up in trying so hard to do and Jeremy helped me to ground, calm, and find myself at peace. 

He was able to ask the right questions, pull out from me deep emotional parts of my life, and do it in a comfortable way. I felt so comfortable sharing what's in my heart and it was clear that Jeremy was present and listening to me. 
After the call, I felt grounded, and with a deep sense of purpose with next steps for my life. He was able to draw out from me where my weakness are, where my gifts are, and how I can marry those together to be my best self. I would highly recommend Jeremy as a coach!”

-Nikki Abramson, Educator, Actor, Author, Speaker

 "Jeremy has helped me tune into my own intuition on tough decisions and setting goals which have been a game changer in my business and my personal life. ”
Kyle Gray, Author, public speaker, entrepreneur

"Jeremy gave me a coaching session and I wasn't really sure what to expect. In a short timehe completely dismantled my negative belief systems around money, that were so deeply entrenched that I found it difficult to recognise them. He responded to me intuitively and intelligently and worked hard to get me to question my assumptions. 
The session was invaluable to me and has made me so much more self-aware of my own limiting attitudes. Since the session, I feel like I have been having so many new opportunities and new ways to make money. I am forever grateful for Jeremy's session and for his continuing positive presence in my life."

- Charlie Wilson, Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Poet

My coaching session with Jeremy was amazing. It's only been a week, but after implementing Jeremy's advice I already feel a lot less stressed, while staying happy and productive.
-@DavidHehenberger, Entrepreneur and Software Creator  

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