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Hi, I'm Jeremy Ginsburg

I'm a writer, songwriter, entreperformer (okay, I made this word up), and language learner. 

I'm currently based in Thailand writing a lot of music and working on my first book called, "Fuck Being Famous."

I moved to Vietnam in November 2013. Since, I've been on several TV shows, performed  at Vietnamese weddings, and I even participated in a Vietnamese stand-up comedy competition. I got famous in Vietnam, 

But, I realized that fame didn't solve any of my problems...

In fact, it only made them worse.

No matter how many times I got recognized in public, I still felt insecure. Facebook messages from fans were cool for the first week(okay, month), but it started to take up my time and ruin my relationships. I had spent over a year trying to get famous, but once I got there I realized...

It's all about the journey

Being  famous won't solve your problems. It certainly didn't solve any of mine.  I've lied in front of millions just to get more fans. Then, I realized, a hundred, thousand, or even a million fans doesn't create a band-aid strong enough to heal my internal problems. So for now, I'm working on my inner glow! 

Through all of this, I learned that life's not about chasing money, fame, or success. It's about appreciating the journey. And the journey is now.

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Your name is the most beautiful thing in this world...according to your mom, that is.
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Below is a highlight reel of the Vietnamese reality TV show I went on in fall 2014.

Just a fun song and video I made about living in SE Asia!

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