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Your Biggest Dream And Your Deepest Fear Have Been Ignored For Too Long. It's Time To Conquer Them. 
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“Jeremy is an inspiring coach! In an industry rife with BS, he cuts through with authenticity. In just our first two sessions, he was able to guide me in resolving a challenging issue. Jeremy is a great listener, a fearless coach, and a good man.

Dr. Rafael Hoekstra

The 5 Pillars of Fearless Business Coaching

Infinity Breath

Have you learned how to breathe yourself into the flow state whenever you desire? Can you use your breath to inspire new ideas as well as gain confidence before a big meeting?

Emotional Mastery

Are you controlling your emotions or are they controlling you? And how is that affecting your business? 


When you speak your truth does your entire body light up with excitement? Are you able to work a room through the power of your expression?


Are you ready to ‘hustle with heart’ in order to grow your revenue and impact without burning out? 


Do you treat your co-workers and clients like family or is there a lot of awkward tension when you talk about non-business matters? Are you truly able to connect with yourself, your team, as well as your customers on the deepest emotional level?

Your business is a reflection of you.

If you hide from challenges in your daily life, you’re going to hide from challenges in your business. If you struggle to face conflict with your closest friends, you’re going to struggle facing conflict with your clients and employees.  

The Greatest Way To Grow Your Business Is To Work On Yourself

When you transform yourself from the inside out, your business transforms as well. The more clarity you have in your life’s mission and purpose, the more confidence your clients will feel when you name your price. The more confidence you bring to your sales pitches, the more revenue you’ll bring in. 

As a fearless business coach, Jeremy has worked 1-1 with over 100 clients from over 21 different countries.


All of the clients that have stayed with Jeremy for over a year have at least doubled their business’ revenue.

“While working with Jeremy, I’ve been doubling my income each year and have added several new team members to my business. I would not have had the courage or self-trust to make these moves and take the risks without the work I did with Jeremy.

That being said, Jeremy’s not just about profit or success, he’s about creating a life that’s really aligned with me. 

There’s been many times where I’ve become overwhelmed by my thoughts and caught in a nasty emotional rut, when I get here I reach out to Jeremy and he provides excellent ideas and suggestions on how to work through it. I also notice I’ve been falling into these emotional ruts much less frequently as I’ve continued to work with Jeremy.


Our calls are fun and creative, it’s not about adding more tasks or working harder, it's about being present and getting the most out of every moment.”

Kyle Gray

Host of The Story Engine Podcast, Author of Amazon’s Best-Selling Books The Story Engine and Selling With Story

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“I believe 99% of male entrepreneurs are running their business fueled by fear and they don’t even realize it.”
Here's Why:

They never learned know how to use the power of the breath to overcome mental and emotional blocks.

They never learned how to handle, let alone master, their emotions. Anger, anxiety, frustration, and all other emotions can be channelled into positive and healthy outcomes. But most business owners are unaware of their “emotional land-minds.”

 They’ve lost touch with their deepest truth. They don’t know the difference between a “F*CK YES” and a “F*CK NO.” This means they’re often running their business with lack of clarity and confidence.

They’re beliefs about wealth are toxic and limiting. I believe that abundance is a result, not a prerequisite. It’s also a result of INNER WORK and not outside circumstances.

They’ve lost the ability to connect deeply with themselves, their team members and their customers. This results in a lack of empathy, trust, and smooth communication.

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Joel K

Marketing Consultancy

“He has absolutely helped our revenue growth. If it weren’t for Jeremy, I would not have had the confidence to take on the projects we’ve gotten or have the conversations we’ve needed to have to grow our business. He has helped us grow our revenue by giving me the ability to be a better salesperson through confidence, fearlessness, and enthusiasm.”

"Jeremy changed my life. Or maybe I should say, Jeremy helped me change my own life. When we started our coaching sessions together, I was working, living, and existing from a place of fear and anxiety, and without any self-confidence. After our very first session, I knew something was different about Jeremy, and that I had a lot to gain from what he had to offer.

In our time together, he's taught me practices and ways of thinking and feeling that have helped me turn that fear into excitement and energy. I am more motivated, more energetic, and more successful as a result of his coaching. 

Starting with the breath, I've learned to control my anxiety and focus my energy in more effective directions, and I've learned to transform my fears into excitement through Jeremy's exercises and practices.


I can't recommend Jeremy highly enough to anyone looking to get out from under their fears and take a step toward confidence, success, and happiness.”

"I don't know who I would be without Jeremy. It's been 9 months since we completed our coaching program together and I am still these days using some of those techniques that he taught me about coming back to center, coming back to self, and making plans from that centered place.


I don't think I would have been able to scale my business the way I did, without Jeremy's support."

Melissa Brickley

Intimacy & Relationship Coach

Are you ready to Grow Your Business by Becoming Fearless?

Jeremy’s ideal clients are incredibly creative, empathetic, and are usually quite a few paces ahead of most everyone else in their reality.

If this sounds like you, please fill out the Fearless Business application below:

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