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Fri, May 07


Thành phố Hội An

Infinity Breathwork & Icebath Experience #1

Are you feeling "off" in life? Depression. Stress. Fatigue. Lack of motivation. Lack of joy? Are you someone who's seeking a new tool to help you tap into the infinite power within you? If your answer is yes, then this event is for you!

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Infinity Breathwork & Icebath Experience #1
Infinity Breathwork & Icebath Experience #1

Time & Location

May 07, 2021, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Thành phố Hội An, to1 thon tra que, Cẩm Hà, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

About the Event

Come breathe your way to peak states and tap into the INFINITE POWER within you.

Inspired by many powerful proven breath work modalities (Wim Hof Method, the Buteyko Method, the SOMA breath work, and many other yogic pranayama breathing practices) our facilitators, June Bui and Jeremy Ginsburg will lead you on a journey with the greatest drug of all time: YOUR BREATH.

We will be practicing a certain style of controlled hyperventilation which induces a greater flow of oxygen and CO2 into the system which is then better stored in the body's blood, cells and organs.

Ultimately, this has an alkalising effect on the body which can reduce inflammation within the body and subsequently prevent the bodies from suffering from debilitating conditions caused by too much inflammation in the body.

This breathing technique is proven to:

- Increase energy and concentration - Boost dopamine and serotonin (happy chemicals) levels - Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression - Cure a hangover - Increase the body’s PH-levels, making your internal environment more alkaline - Boost the immune system and overall well-being increase physical endurance and overall performance - Move out of your head and INTO your body - … AND MORE!

FEAR = Excitement without the BREATH

Once you learn how to use your breath to influence your nervous system, your life will never be the same again.


“I found the experience to be transformative, but not only because of the technique itself, but because June and Jeremy helped me hop out of my comfort zone. Jeremy encouraged me to be weird and make noises and I felt genuinely invited to share what was coming up for me, as did others. It became an intimate experience for me, which was strange because we all had our eyes closed and we weren't talking -- But instead, we were sharing what was coming up in a more primal way. I found that to be a compelling kind of connection.

Jeremy created and held this space through his narration, and June's delicious giggles and cries during the session gave us permission to take things a little further.

I would recommend the experience -- It resulted in a state change, and gave me a tool I can carry with me everywhere.” 

Clayton Roche



This breathwork session will be followed by an awesome ice bath experience.

Cold exposure is an ancient ritual that has been used in cultures all over the world for thousands of years. The human body is well-equipped to endure the cold. The problem is, we’ve been “civilized to death,” for the last few centuries.

Has living in the comforts hindered our access to our innate abilities? You bet it has.

With support from your facilitators and the group, this is the opportunity for you to experience the magical power of the cold first hand.

*******Warning: You may fall in love with the cold

Here are some reasons (all backed by modern science) to embrace the cold to enjoy the benefits of an ice bath.

Cold immersion is proven to:

- Promotes fat loss - Improve immunity throughout the body - Aid In better blood circulation - Drain lymphatic system - Promote emotional resilience - Quiet the mind and reduce anxiety levels - Lower stress levels - Decreaae symptoms of depression - Increases testosterone levels - YOU FEEL UNF*CKWITHABLE

Join us for a morning of breath, community, and powerful transformation.



Please be on time so you can get the best out of the event! Please bring with you:

- Big towel to dry yourself after the ice bath - Swimming suit and put it on beforehand if possible - Something that you can journal with

To experience the most of the breath technique, please come to the event with an empty stomach. If you must eat before the event, please eat light, and give yourself at least a space from 30-45 mins to digest the food before coming to the event.



Suggested donation: from 250k - 500k (VND) per person. Give from your heart based on the value you'll get from the event.

(If you really want to join and your financial situation is tight right now, please don't hesitate to PM us Our number 1 rule is NEVER SAY NO TO LOVE PM us and let us know, we'll do our best)



It's at our home in Tra Que Veggie Village in Hoi An. Next to the restaurant called Spring Onion which you can find on google map easily.



***You will NOT be forced to participate in ALL of the event. The goal of this practice is to teach you how to listen to your body's wisdom so you can connect with your breath and give yourself whatever you need. You get out what you put in

***If you have any serious health issues, please advise your doctors first or PM us if you have any questions. This breath work is not for you if you have had history with heart diseases or if you are in your pregnancy.



The space is limited to max of 11 members. And we need a minimum of 5 participants to do the ice bath.

Please RSVP if you are for sure coming. If you bring someone with you, please have the person do the same thin. Thank you




“Not only is Jeremy inspiring and committed to his own growth, but his business expertise is outstanding. His work on the Wim Hof Method Video Course launch helped us reach way people and lead to incredible results. Jeremy is more than a great consultant and coach, he’s also become a friend for life. ”

- Bart Pronk, Marketing Director and Instructor, Wim Hof Method

June Bui & Jeremy Ginsburg work as Intuitive Life Coaches & Energy Workers. They support their clients who are creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders with their journey living their highest potential and creating a positive impact in the world.

All along their journey, they uncovered this powerful tool - the breath & the cold - which has helped both of them go through a lot of physical, mental, and emotional challenges. They have been leading many other breathing sessions both privately and in groups which has shown so many positive transformative results. Now they are on a mission to spread this tool to as many people as possible.

Here is a testimonial song that Jeremy wrote in 2016 called “COLD IS MY RELIGION” after doing the wim Hof method (similar to this practice) for a few weeks:

And here’s another video where Jeremy discusses the different aspects of breathwork he has studied on his journey since 2016:

“Jeremy and June have a gift for facilitating workshops. Their wonderful dynamic together makes participants feel welcomed while also comfortable enough to experience and learn in very practical ways. I greatly benefitted from attending one of their breath workshops. I highly recommend them.” - Kelvin Kuan


"You are the magic." - June Bui

Come and experience the magic of yourself, yourself. ;) 

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